Hi. I don't know if anyone will ever see or read my page here but anyway, I have new plans to create japanese apps (to learn the language). It's been two years since I posted anything here.

I still use Memrise, thought just a little nowadays, as I'm focusing in creating other apps and stuff.

I really dislike the fact that to use Memrise, we need tons of plugins, like Stylish and Greasemonkey scripts (otherwise you will never truly learn Japanese), Memrise still uses Chinese font for all Japanese Courses, so yeah... sent some emails to them about it, but they never reply, they never fix... so yeah... Memrise is just not good for anything vocabulary related Japanese, UNLESS you use tons of scripts and add-ons for your browser.

Ah, and off-topic, I changed my website name from to, we are more focused on maps for league of legends there, but that's totally out of topic here, lol.

Anyway, an Android app for japanese flashcards would be very cool to have, although I don't know if anyone out there would want it too... in anycase let me know what you think...

See ya, byebye, au revoir, tchau, sayounara o/

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