Just a quick blog post I guess, after I saw Yurixy's I became a little inspired.

I hope to make in the next two months these courses:

  • Grammar
  • Filmmakers Handbook (based on a 500 pg book I have)
  • Nutrition
  • Driving Test (as I need to begin learning how to drive)
  • Ongoing Military Conflicts

I need to continue all the courses I am currently 'engaged' in and progress further. I am starting two new courses:

  • Bible Knowledge : New Testament
  • Bible Knowledge : Old Testmament

Always good to learn about the world's most famous book...

I also need to start making progress with my French, as I do love the language and culture... (Jean-Lud Godard films, yes please). 

My stats of today are:

  • Following: 104
  • Followers: 111
  • Items: 5,261
  • Points: 6,947,964

Approaching that 7 million mark!

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