• Farag afify


    July 3, 2015 by Farag afify

    == Spare

    A spare lover, not a love member

    She has already, got the original

    Role is over, hope you remember

    For her, you were only a casual

    No need to get upset or mad

    She taught you how to play your role

    Hopeless lover should not feel sad

    You didn't meet her heart's goal

    Either to be as "spare" or "none"

    No other chance or role to play

    After prestige has fully gone

    Better to live only your day

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  • Farag afify


    July 3, 2015 by Farag afify

    == If you learn from the past

    Improving your future

    Then you'll achieve the goal

    And reach it safely faster

    Pay an attention to move

    Know the direction to go

    Have time to Improve

    Act well, not only "show"

    Earn your people' regard

    And don't cross the fence

    Know the value of the word

    Now you've got confidence

    By: Farag M. Afify

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