[discussion thread; thanks to kevinmcdonagh ]

This is a quick hack using custom CSS and a chrome plugin to apply the custom style sheet which removes the redundant info from the revision page of courses as I am easily distracted. 

What it changes:

  • Increases the font size
  • Removes all the little icon pictures next to the questions
  • Removes the title bar
  • Removes the text under the image
  • Removes the images behind buttons

How to apply this hack:

  • Install the Chrome Extension Stylish
  • From within the Chrome Menu’s click Window > Extensions
  • Click ‘Options’ within the Stylish extension listing
  • Click ‘Add New Style’
  • Enter ‘minimalMemrise’ in the name field and check ‘Enabled’
  • In the ‘Code’ block copy and paste the stylesheet from
  • Click the ‘Specify’ button and switch the drop down to ‘URLs on the domain’ and enter * ‘’
  • Click ‘Save’ and then start your memrise watering as normal. You can always switch off the extension if it doesn't work for you, just select the Stylish extension icon in chrome and select 'disable'.
  • Now all the distractions have gone when you study!


The developer of this hack has no plans to update this and likely won't support changes and updates. 

[*]The Gist is here if you are a developer:

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