What is a Mem?

Mems are little ways of remembering things.  Mems are also known as mnemonics. Excellently, the word 'mnemonic' is so difficult to remember that it rather requires one of itself- a mnemonic- to help one remember it. Which is, let's face it, pretty silly. We much prefer the word 'mem'.

Mems are astoundingly effective for learning things: words, facts, relationships. Their effectiveness has been demonstrated empirically- and in two distinct ways. Through Science, in countless psychology experiments; but also through the interesting empirical device of the Memory Competition.

So psychology has demonstrated 3x increases in retention where mems are used to assist learning. But perhaps just as persuasively, and very interestingly, competitive memory competitions have also demonstrated the utter indispensability of the mem for the speediest of learning- and in a very original way.

Mem Standards

Mems to be avoided : 

  • Hateful Mems
  • Racist Mems
  • Mysogynistic Mems
  • Pornographic Mems
  • Mems including Animal cruelty
  • Mems with nudity

Bear in mind that children use the courses.