Is it possible in memrise to see the history of my learning activity? I was not able to find this.

Use Case:

I was discussing with my son, that he is planning to fulfill his daily goal in memrise during his school vacations for 3 days per week. I am wondering, if it is possible, that he could show me at the end of the month, how many times he fulfilled his daily goal, so that I can reward him?

I would also be fine if I have anything else to measure his progress, that makes sense, e.g. I know, that there is a point system, but I don't know, if there is a specific number of points given for a specific daily goal or if e.g. the number of given points for a daily goal increases when reaching the next level.

To put it together technically:

- I would like to have the possibility to set a defined goal for more than a day, e.g. a month or a week

- I would like to see the history of reached daily goals or of reached points per day, so that I can verify, if the goal set was reached

Is this already possible or is this a feature request?

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