Level   Point Origin Comment
Overlord 100,000,000 So far, only twenty-four people have manged to get here.
Memperor 50,000,000
Meminence 10,000,000
Membassador 5,000,000
Memonist 2,500,000  
Membrain 1,000,000
Memocrat 500,000 Ukvoltaire is currently at this rank
Memmoth 250,000
Memblem 150,000
Memonimee 100,000
Memgineer 75,000
Memcache 50,000
Mempee 25,000
Memtor 10,000
Memorandom 5,000
Memdican 2,000
Member 500
Membryo  0

Rank Images


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