For $N/month, you can upgrade to Memrise Premium to enjoy more in-depth reports, self-experiments and more for improved performance. The idea is to help you tap into a richer data set and algorithms that "let you become a more focused learner". 

Possible Premium Feature

  • Statistics/features for analyze
  • Get warnings for tricky items: Have warnings appear during watering for items that you've had problems with in the past, including all your mis-spellings and confusions." (with a picture showing options for "show previous typos" and "mem hint
  • Improve your performance: We'll dig into your past sessions and find trends about when and how you perform best. Warnings and tips appear when you're learning in sub-optimal conditions or it's time for a break
  • Run Self Experiments: Ever wonder if your morning coffee really helps your concentration? Should you learn just after waking, or before bed? Now you can answer these questions with the Self Experiment tool. Simply tag your learning sessions as you start them and we'll do the heavy lifting to visualize any trends that appear
  • Being able to add private notes to words
  • Inspect your learning history: Look back at what you've learned, when, and uncover when you learn the best.
  • Forecast your watering schedule: See when items will need watering, and set up a pause if you're going on holiday.
  • Practice difficult items: See the tests you've gotten wrong recently and practice the items in a custom learning session.
  • pause whilst you're on holiday etc." function
  • Inspect your learning history: Look back at what you've learned, when, and uncover when you learn the best.
  • uncover when you learn the best


Maybe :  $10 a month 


50% off Memrise 1-year membership.  
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  • Every function on the site right now should remain free
  • Any course export function which we get around to coding would be on the free site

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