Memrise Projects

  • Currently, Memrise is creating 100 new official courses. With Memrise Premium, Memrise needs to create courses especially for new users.
  • Memrise is translating its website to many languages (German, Polish, Spanish...)

Memrise Strategy

  • Memrise is trying to attract new users.
  • Goal: 500,000 MAU

Lastest Changes on the Memrise Platform

  • Memrise removed the possibility to create Image mems easily.

Memrise Future

  • Specialised learn modes to help you focus on audio tests, testing from sample sentences etc
  • New learn modes
  • New Chinese app
  • brand-new session end screen (in 3 months)
  • they are incorporating search by language in the Android app

New Design

  • This night mode is a first draft
  • There will be a "Back to day mode" option for people only studying at night
  • Halloween/Christmas/Summer special modes
  • A proper night mode (moon, stars,...)
  • Bonus when you click the sun

About some users unhappy

  • Memrise is really sorry they haven't enjoyed the recent changes - most users have been well received them, learning more often and longer on the site than before: Memrise knows it is impossible to please everyone but will continue to try. Memrise doesn't have enough development resources at the moment to do everything.


Memrise Forum

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