New Ideas they're working on :

  • A vocab estimator and suggestor- a tool which calculates your vocabulary level through questions and suggests words at your level

  • a copy paste vocab list creator which takes any foreign language paragraph of text and turns it into a vocab list with all the words you probably don't know

  • an open API on which members of the community can build tools as they please

  • a "wordbook" piece of functionality, where you can very quickly on the app add words you encounter in your studies '/ travels and keep a wholly private list

  • private mem
  • offline laptop mode. Might be something which community members may wish to build once we open up our API...
  • water all


more difficult typing tests. on this short survey here:

We're doing a new version of the iPhone and iPad apps, and this is one of the most requested features for allowing the iPad app to turn from portrait to landscape mode



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