Accesskeys can be seen across the site where they have been assigned by hovering over the links, it comes up in the default tooltip for the link

On presentation during a learning session you can press A for audio and S 

"accesskeys"  will let you jump to particular links. Here is how they work:

First you will need to find out what the "access key" for your web browser is. You can do this by looking at , e.g. for Google Chrome it is Alt.

Then you just have to press the accesskey with the respective letter to jump to the listed link:From any page:​ 

  • accesskey-H : Home, DashboardFrom within a Learning Session: 
  • accesskey-P : Pause
  • accesskey-E : Edit this item (In Chrome, Alt-E is "menu", so you press Alt-Shift-E instead)From the Waypoint, after a Learning Session: 
  • accesskey-P: Plant More
  • accesskey-G : Grow These
  • accesskey-W : Water WiltingFrom non-learning session pages: 
  • accesskey-A : About page
  • accesskey-C : Community Page
  • accesskey-T : Topics Page
  • accesskey-F : Forums Page (In Chrome, Alt-F is "file", so you press Alt-Shift-F instead) 

Here are some more 'hidden' keyboard shortcuts:

On the level page, press Enter to activate 'the big button' (e.g. 'start planting', 'water items', 'overwater'). Also you can press accesskeys for most of the items in 'learning options', and I'm just adding accesskeysZ/C to go previous/next level.

Press accesskey H on pages with the top header logo to go home

During learning, there is a whole host of accesskeys and shortcuts that are listed on the help dialog - click the ? on the left of the screen. You should be able to complete a learning session with only your keyboard.

Sometimes 'tab' is the way to access features with a keyboard - e.g. on the 'End of Session' screen, you can press Enter to select the right button, orTab, Enter to select the left button