Unofficial Documentation for the Memrise API

Memrise API

There is no user accessible API (see [1]).

However, there used to be a user accessible API in version 1.0 (see [2]; now defunct)

It referenced the endpoints as follows: 

{"event": {"list_endpoint": "/api/1.0/event/", "schema": "/api/1.0/event/schema/"}, "iset": {"list_endpoint": "/api/1.0/iset/", "schema": "/api/1.0/iset/schema/"}, "item": {"list_endpoint": "/api/1.0/item/", "schema": "/api/1.0/item/schema/"}, "itemiset": {"list_endpoint": "/api/1.0/itemiset/", "schema": "/api/1.0/itemiset/schema/"}, "itemuser": {"list_endpoint": "/api/1.0/itemuser/", "schema": "/api/1.0/itemuser/schema/"}, "lsession": {"list_endpoint": "/api/1.0/lsession/", "schema": "/api/1.0/lsession/schema/"}, "mem": {"list_endpoint": "/api/1.0/mem/", "schema": "/api/1.0/mem/schema/"}, "topic": {"list_endpoint": "/api/1.0/topic/", "schema": "/api/1.0/topic/schema/"}, "user": {"list_endpoint": "/api/1.0/user/", "schema": "/api/1.0/user/schema/"}}

The API 1.0 FAQ as of July 2012

Please note that this is possibly not the current state of the API. It is not user accessible. The links are inactive.  A new Developer's Guide is now being documented.

This FAQ used to be here: [3] (now defunct)

API (v 1.0)


The high-level schema for the API

Grabbing a handful at a time

By default, you'll get 20 at a time. To specify how many you want, use the 'limit' parameter, e.g.


Serialization types

At the moment, only json seems to be supported, but I think I could add others if it would help. You'll always need ?format=json

List of Topics, i.e. languages

ordered by the number of words in each Topic. see Topic.num_items. 20 at a time by default


can also be filtered by AUTHOR

Single Topic



N.B. this kind of filtering will return a list of objects, but slugs should be unique

List of Users

Just user id and username (which could conceivably change, so rely on the ID as permanent). Ordered by ID. If you need email address, talk to Greg.


List of Items, i.e. words

by default: ordered by date created (CRE), most recent first


filtering words by language


all the Items in a given Iset - this is a little cumbersome at the moment. N.B. this should be ordered by ItemIset.Order (since this is the order they get presented when learning, but it isn't currently)


all the Items for a given User


you can also filter ItemUser by Item, e.g. to see what proportion of people are getting a given Item correct

you can also filter words by creation date, but i haven't figured out exactly how that works

can also be filtered by AUTHOR

Lists of Isets


filtered by language


all the Isets for a given Item, e.g. which Isets does the 'king' item belong to?


can also be filtered by AUTHOR

List of Events

try and avoid using this Table, because it makes the database work pretty hard


you can filter Events by User and by Item

Other stuff

you can also grab Mems, Lsessions

Memrise API Tool

API wrapper for memrise