This is a set of rules of good conduct for Memrise user-created courses. 

Etiquette, Rules of Conduct on Memrise courses, Forums and Mems

Of course, the standard etiquette for behavior in an anonymous online environment applies to the Memrise forums even if not explicitly mentioned.

Please respect other users.

Don't feed the troll. As usually, people reading all these tips (you) don't need this reminder anyway.

Remember to be polite and respectful. Thank you!

Memrise course creators are not paid. Course creation is hard work.

Use the space of Memrise Forums to congratulate the creator,

ask questions and chat with other contributors.

Insults, harsh comments are not tolerated, and the course will be set as unlisted.

  • harsh comments, insults or angry comments are not tolerated
  • Please do not use a course if you don't like it.
  • Please post only constructive criticism, in a polite way
  • Please bear in mind course creators are volunteers, learners, contributors, teachers, just like you

The creator may close the course

Course creator may made the course private or close/delete the course, in some repeated cases.

Mem Guidelines

Mems to be avoided : 

  • Hateful Mems
  • Racist Mems
  • Misogynistic Mems
  • Pornographic Mems
  • Mems including Animal cruelty
  • Mems with nudity

Bear in mind that children use the courses.

More: Memrise Disclaimer  (Part 14 Disclaimer of Warranty)

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