Do you have an Android phone?


  • its internal memory is not enough for Memrise data. 


  • Have you been searching for a way to move its data to SD card?
  • Have you tested so many ways and most of them were not useful?

Thanks to  meisam_ghodrati we have  a new way and surprisingly useful. So please share this to users that have the same problem.


  1. Root your Smartphone
  2. Memory card
    • use at least a memory card which has 8 GB capacity (higher class has better performance) 
  3. Card Reader
    • you need a device to connect your memory card through witch to your computer for example a card reader
  4. Download Minitool software (Windows)
  5. Buy the plus version of Link2sd app from google play store

Create a Partition on SD card

  1. Install Minitool on your computer
  2. connect sd card to your computer using a card reader
  3. run Minitool 
  4. click on Minitool partition wizard. the overall shape will be like bellow
  5. right click on the disk 2( your sd card) and select split.
    • a screen like  bellow picture will be shown.
    • In the new partition size box enter your favorite size of the partition you need to transfer your data to.
    • this method is not just for Memrise data, you can transfer game data and other program data to sd card too.
    • It is recommended 2 Gb for this partition.
    • your partition must have enough free space.
    • click ok
  6. a screen like this will be shown. right click on the new partition( shown in picture) and select delete.
  7. again right click on that and select create.You will be asked if you want to continue, click yes.
    • a new screen will be shown. In create as box select primary. In the file system box, choose Ext2.
    • click ok
  8. screen will be as shown bellow
  9. If everything is ok click Apply on the left top of the software. click yes. wait until the process is finally will see the next picture
  1. your memory card is now ready.

Setting the link2sd app

  1. connect sd card to your device( phone, tablet)
  2. install link2sd and run it
  3. after a while, it will ask the partition. select the partition you made before( here it is ext2)
  4. if everything is ok. it will ask you to restart: touch restart.
  5. after restart run link2sd. select each program you want to move it( and also its data) to sd card.
  6. click on Create link. (pay attention)
  7. select all the boxes
    • link application file
    • link dalvik-cache file
    • link library files
    • link internal data
  8. click Congratulations! you did it

if you have already downloaded some courses of Memrise

it is strongly recommended to

  1. first uninstall Memrise from your device.
  2. Then again install it. run it once.
  3. Then quit and go to link2sd.
  4. Select Memrise and select Create link.
  5. select all the boxes
    • link application file
    • link dalvik-cache file
    • link library files
    • link internal data
  6. click ok.
  7. After it is done,
    • go again to Memrise
    • and download your courses without any stresses.

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