Here a trick to have Mems in any course :

Example : You want to pull the Mem from an English-Spanish Course  to your Language -Spanish Course :

  1. You have to create a Spanish course for English Speakers
  2. So you have an English-Spanish Database
  3. You add a third text column called "Your Language" 
  4. So you have 3 text column : Word (Spanish), Definition (English), "Your Language" 
  5. You have to enter your words with theses 3 columns filled : meaning that you have to add the English words too, even if we don't want to learn them
  6. You create your levels
  7. By default you have "Test on Word, prompt with Definition"
  8. You have to change to "Test on Word, prompt with "Your Language" "
  9. You can change the course category, to a course for "Your Language" Speaker
  10. Wait a day
  11. Done ! Method tested it with success on a French-japanese course using English-japanese Mem

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