you can create animated mems by uploading gifs to a forum post, then pasting the URL into the m

em creator.


Put img: before the URL. Don't put a space between img: and the url.

Step 1: Upload an animated gif to this or another forum thread. 

Step 2: Save the URL for the image 

Step 3: Find the word you are looking to create a mem for 

Step 4: Select "try another mem" from the options that appear when you get the word wrong 

Step 5: Click the "Back arrow"; this immediately takes you to the "add a mem" option 

Step 6: Click on "add a mem" 

Step 7: Click on "Skip Search" 

Step 8: In the text box under the buttons "Image" and "Upload", paste in the url of the gifs location. At first, the url will appear in the window to the left. 

Step 9: Add " to the front of the URL with no spaces. You will see the active animation appear in the window on the left 

Step 10: Press save


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