• All edits should be posted in the Contributor's Spreadsheet

This is to make sure all the contributors are aware of any changes, to allow later a contributor to correct the clone-course, and to facilitate discussion if needed.

  • Translation edits should be verified with online sources.
  • All Translations should be directly translated from the English translation to minimize semantic drift. English translations are the references in the Polyglot courses, however French translations are the second references and should be used in case of doubt.
  • You can amend or change translations, but English words should not be changed. This ensures consistency between Polyglot courses and the link between them.
  • However, you can add English alternatives
  • Sometimes, when you change a translation, you will have to delete the Audio files . We will take care of putting them back from time to time (with Uprise).
  • Capitalization at the beginning of a sentence is totally random, correct if you want, but it's not compulsory
  • The communication between contributors is important, do not hesitate to ask questions
  • For the most motivated - and to be truly effective -, contributors could edit clone courses (Typing and No Typing) - unfortunately, databases are not bound, we have to make amendments twice every time

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