Easy Polyglot 2


An easy way to learn several languages at the same time for free. Learn English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and Italian vocabulary,  Phrases, Grammar and Conjugation through these courses. Each word is translated in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French and German, as well as Greek and Latin.   

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No Typing Polyglot


English Spanish French German Portuguese Italian
Typing Typing Typing Typing Typing Typing
No Typing  No Typing  No Typing No Typing No Typing No Typing
Pronunciation Pronunciation Pronunciation Pronunciation Pronunciation Pronunciation
- ASCII Codes ASCII Codes ASCII Code ASCII Codes ASCII Codes


Testing Styles & Stats (Typing) :

  • Typing Courses :
Level ~Items/language Testing Sytle
Vocabulary 5000 Typing
Conjugation 1200 Typing
Grammar 500 Tapping
PhraseBook 120 Tapping
Numbers 120 Typing
Time 50 Tapping
  • No Typing Courses :
Level ~Items/language Testing Sytle
Vocabulary 5000 No Typing
Conjugation 1200 No Typing
PhraseBook 120 No Typing
Numbers 120 No Typing
Time 50 No Typing


Source %
Memrise Wiki Dictionaries 40%
Wiktionary 5%
OmegaWiki Dictionary 5%
Universal Database Dictionary 5%
Learn Basic Courses 2.5%
Verbix 10%
WikiTravel 1%
FreeDict 1%
Wordnet 1%
Contributors' Edits 30%

Learn Foreign Language

PhoTransEdit Phonetics
Uprise Audio
Memrise Wiki Dictionaries  Audio



Language Tree 

Language classification (a )

Language code

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