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"Fantastic courses" (Memrise)

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! Easy Academy Presentation - Would you like to learn something ?00:36

! Easy Academy Presentation - Would you like to learn something ?

! Easy Academy: Contact

! Easy Academy: Disclaimer

! Easy Academy and its volunteers, contributors make no warranty first that the course will meet your requirements or expectations; secondly that the course will be accurate or secure; and thirdly, that the results following from use of the course will be desirable.

Your Use of the course which is provided on an “AS-IS” and “as available” basis, is your sole responsibility, and is at your sole risk. ! Easy Academy and its volunteers, contributors expressly disclaim all warranty of any kind.

Medical consequences of using ! Easy Academy Courses: Memrise can be very addictive. Please be careful, responsible and reasonable if you think you are addicted: Do not neglect other activities.

More: Read Memrise Disclaimer of Warranty Section 14

Please Use the Ignore Function.

Course Guidelines: Please Be Respectful!

  • Course creators & contributors are volunteers and do their best.
  • Respect others wherever they come from.
  • Insults, harsh comments will not be tolerated and the course will be made private.
  • Please post messages in a polite way.

! Easy Academy: Mems Guidelines

  • Please don't create offensive Mems. Please find further information below.
  • Mems Guidelines

! Easy Academy: Acknowledgment

  • Special thanks to Paris and France.
  • Special thanks to Course contributors, Mem creators, Course users, Memrise course authors, eunoia & the Memrise team

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