The Auto-Learn (Auto-grow) feature is an option to auto-grow items.

The Auto-Grow feature is a debug and testing featurea way to skip the plantingIt seems to  prematurely age items. it is designed to skip the planting process for users that know a word but still wish to practice (water) it. it mimics a post-first-watering state. It will put unplanted items directly into long-term memory . It just skips the harvesting stage and put them directly into long-term memory 

  • In short, when you press the Auto-grow button  all the words are suddenly ready to be watered.
  • No points though!


Auto-Grown Plant may require more Multiple Choice Watering than any other plant that has been planted normally. 

How to use Auto-grow feature?


Auto-grow is great for courses in which you immediately want to enter the test/exam stage.

And, yes, autogrow can be helpful for conjugation practice courses.


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