Auto-ignore Function, where is it?

Auto ignore
Auto ignore 2

Auto Ignore feature

This searches all of the words in the course, and then checks to see if you have learned them anywhere else on the site. It will auto ignore any items that match both word and definition.

The program may take a few minutes to run, so you won't always see the results absolutely immediately, but it shouldn't be more than a minute or two. Once it have been done, you will see the number of ignored items on the "unignore all" button next to the "auto ignore" button on the course page

How Is it working ?

The way that the auto ignore works is to look at what is in the course that you are running the "auto ignore" on, and then check that against words that you have previously learned. It then ignores only the version in the course that you are running the auto ignore on, not on any of the items in other courses. It doesn't check it against other courses perse; it checks in your long term memory. 

Unless both the Word and its Definition exactly match an entry from a previous course, the ignore function will not ignore entries that matched those from a previous course. Therefore, in many cases, merely the existence of quote marks around an Definition appears to be enough to prevent the ignore function operating on those entries.

 The auto-ignore just does a very dumb text match for items you've already learned which match on the columns' values, and then ignores from there. It isn't very smart at all though - it doesn't care about column labels, but it does care about the order of the columns. If you create a Spanish course but put the Spanish/English columns the other way round, for whatever reason, it will fail.


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