For several arab language courses input of standalone intial-, middle or end characters are needed.


The keyboards usually do not support this kind of characters in standalone mode, that is for example an ا (Alif) is only available in its stand alone form if it is not written and connected with other letters in a word. Usually typing words in Arab leads to automatic combining the letters allining their format regarding on their position in a word (initial form, middle form, end form). 

As I do not know how to overcome this issue, please edit this article giving the solution.

br Chris


Please someone edit this

Learn how to type Arabic in your keyboard

Learn how to type arabic in your keyboard42:12

Learn how to type arabic in your keyboard

Add a keyboard on Windows

  1. Go to Change Keyboard
  2. Click on Add
  3. Add Input Language

Use Google Chrome

instal Google Input tools


Learn basic arabic thread

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